Treatment List

Professional Therapy

DERMIQUE prides itself as being professional, having a group of experienced dermatologists and beauty consultants, all garnered incredible skills over the years. Along with sophisticated technology and advanced equipment, DERMIQUE is the perfect choice when it comes to customizing personal skincare products and exclusive treatment programs.

DERMIQUE uphold the customization beauty concept, by using a layered texture reconstruction therapy, it treated skin problem with precision, it is also the worldĄŻs first pore treatment without scarring and pits. For sensitive skin, our stem cell therapy effectively improves the allergic skin redness and reveals a healthy flawless skin thereafter.

We use the most stylish V face Sculpt Lift 4D face shaping technique to create clear, fair and translucent skin tone, along with micro-energy technique to promote regeneration of basal cells to achieve quality and visible results. DERMIQUE skin care products further amplify the treatment result, activated cell regeneration factors, reverse time and restore full vitality to aging skin.