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Founded Year : 2014

Healthy Skin. Everyone Deserves.

Answering your skin problems with solutions … such is the mentality here. DERMIQUE envisions a community in which all people can access and enjoy skin solutions that is good for them, bringing them a range of products and bespoke solutions that might be able to solve most of the skin problems facing. 


Did you know that your skin is as unique as your individual character?

Equally, your skin problems are just as distinctive, thus requiring personalised attention from skincare experts who can harness the power of scientific breakthrough in dermatology with the soothing yet highly potent gifts of Mother Nature in the form of cosmeceutical range of solutions.Trending now in the personal care sphere for a variety of skin problems and capable of delivering results beyond traditional cosmetic products, cosmeceuticals are a fine combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals technology resulting in products for targeted skin issues.If you have been stressed about your skin condition without an effective solution in sight, it is time for you step into Dermique Clinical Skincare to consult our experts in cosmetology to experience the skincare, treatments and solutions developed based on firm principles of innovation, effectiveness, safety and assured quality.

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
Our Mission

At DERMIQUE, we believe that every client deserves high quality cosmetology care. We are dedicated and committed to providing our clients with our highly trained and skilled skin experts coupled with advanced facility and conveniently located cosmeceutical centres nationwide, ensuring the best bespoke solution and result for each client.

Our Vision

DERMIQUE is changing the way the public thinks about cosmetology as well as its methods and models. Our vision is to become the leader within the practice of cosmetology countrywide, region wide.

Skin Experts

Our skin care advisers assess your skin to get an accurate image of your skin’s health, including melanin and haemoglobin levels, sun damage and texture. Based on this, a personalised skin care regime is then designed for you to take home, with recommendation of the appropriate Dermique products for your skin.Dermique works closely with biotechnology research and development labs for the purpose of product development which utilises over 100 international active ingredients produced by major cosmetic manufacturers with ISO certification.


At Dermique, we deploy the “Technology + Training + Branding” business development strategy, and envision a great and unique skin medical and beauty business empire! Dermique is fully committed to its branding, promoting partnership assistance, knowledge sharing and corporate management, creating a first-class high performance culture. 


With the great timing, new ideas, new concepts, continuous innovation and the management experience, we are able to create the most advanced skin medical and beauty business model and learning methodologies, thus crafting a” legend in beauty empire.

At Dermique, almost all of our skincare and beauty related products are world class and are certified by SGS for their purity and quality which do not contain any additives, paraben, alcohol, hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, DEHP, migratable fluorescent substances and are not tested on animals.

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