DERMIQUE works closely with biotechnology research and development labs for the purpose of product development which utilizes over 100 international active ingredients produced by major cosmetic manufacturers with ISO certification.

At DERMIQUE, almost all of our skincare and beauty related products are world class and are certified by SGS for their purity and quality which do not contain any additives, paraben, alcohol, hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, DEHP, migratable fluorescent substances and are not tested on animals.

Trending now in the personal care sphere for a variety of skin problems and capable of delivering results beyond traditional cosmetic products, cosmeceuticals are a fine combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals technology resulting in products for targeted skin issues. If you have been stressed about your skin condition without an effective solution in sight, it is time for you step into DERMIQUE Clinical Skincare to consult our experts in cosmetology to experience the skincare solutions developed based on firm principles of innovation, effectiveness, safety and assured quality.