Advance Liposome Micro Essence

Using Mediterranean Crystal Marine as the main ingredient, Advanced Liposome Micro Essence instantly soothes and maintain skin flexibility with its seven peptides added into the dermal layer, momentarily soften the skin conduction system with its patented liposome carrier, nutrients are fully absorbed into the skin leaving you a skin tightening and anti-aging effect.


How to Use:
After applying Toner, apply an appropriate amount evenly to the face and neck, slightly pat until it is fully absorbed. All skin types.


Suitability: All Skin Types

  • Liposomes are microscopic fluid-filled bodies, similar to biological cells. Like the natural cell membranes of human skin cells, liposomes consist of a bilayer with PC-Phosphatidylcholine (Soybean lecithin) as its main component.
  • Liposomes are very similar to the different layers of the skin barrier; hence combines well with cell membranes, bi-layers and acid mantle. Due to their mimicking ability of the core component of the liposome they merge easily with the skin’s natural barrier layers, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate effectively.
  • This natural substance has proven to be the most compatible ingredient used in skin care today and is the most suitable carrier of vitamins, herbs and botanicals for Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical formulations.
  • This results in an increase of topical delivery by 1000%, enhancing the efficacy of your skin care products.