Founded Year : 2014

Healthy Skin. Everyone Deserves.


DERMIQUE is a cosmeceutical company guided by innovation and quality for effective results, while stands by being personal to target distinctive skin concerns faced in society today.


Our Journey started off with a dream.

We aspire to be part of the movement to revolutionize the skin industry, with cutting edge technology and product specialization. With this in mind, three of DERMIQUE’s Founders – Vincy Chan, Phyllis Chin & Swen with over 10 years of professional knowledge in industry came together to kick off a massive project. A project that would strive to be reputable in the beauty empire by simply combining advanced skin medical abilities with a captivating beauty business model.


The awareness of the change in the beauty industry serves as a motivation for us to adapt with the affected lifestyle. We’re conscious that the younger generation are looking for faster, more efficient results. Beauty is no longer a want, it slowly is becoming a “need” in our society. When beauty plays a part in empowering confidence, we know that we want in because we’ve seen how confidence roll in a person’s positive well-being in life.

Since December 2013, DERMIQUE was formed to bring you purely solutions to all your skin problems. We live by the “one size does not fit all” mentality. We want to set a reminder that every skin concern differs from another, and our experts are meant to provide personalized attention case by case.


Our dedication to go extra and beyond is evident as we’re motivated to be only the best of the best cosmeceutical brand, that is the perfect balance of cosmetic and pharmaceutical technology for optimum results.


We currently have many exclusive outlets and authorized dealership across Malaysia and still counting. We expand with the intention to reach out, and personally support those who are in need of a solution for their skin. The firm principles of innovation, effectiveness, safety, quality and being personal will set as a guidance for us to ensure your peace of mind. We don’t have customers, we have amazing guests. Welcome to the DERMIQUE family!

Skin Expert

Our skin care advisers assess your skin to get an accurate image of your skin’s condition. Based on this, a personalized skin care regime is then designed for you to take home, with recommendation of the appropriate DERMIQUE products for your skin. DERMIQUE, we believe that every client deserves high quality cosmetology care. We are dedicated and committed to providing our clients with our highly trained and skilled skin experts coupled with advanced facility and conveniently located cosmeceutical centers nationwide, ensuring the best bespoke solution and result for each client.

Our Team

Outlet Manager

We want to provide our guests the best experience. Every interaction you have with us matters, because it’s my duty to have your trust and comfort established with us.

Our Outlet Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the assigned branch. Everything from finances, employees and services are carried out with expertise and performance in mind. Outlet Managers are often capable of answering all inquiries as well, as well as receiving valuable feedback from the guests.



We want our guests to rely on us for comfort and relaxation. We’ve all been given personal training to recommend and provide treatments/products based on every individual skin concerns. We’re a friendly bunch, so feel free to talk to us! 🙂

Mission & Vision

To empower confidence in everyone we touch with legitimate skincare solutions and transformative results. We’ll make it happen by:


  • Being part of the revolutionary changes of the beauty industry
  • Knowing everyone is different, and every skin solution should be tailored to every individual needs for targeted, fast results.
  • Being authentic and personal to our guests because we care about their journey to achieve growth and improvement.
  • Working towards a leadership role within the practice of cosmetology countrywide, region wide.
  • Giving back to the community by means of financial or materials to contribute the most we can to the society in need.

Core Values

Empowering Confidence

We like you. We know you have so much to offer by just being you. If your skin concerns are affecting how you feel about yourself, we’d love to help change that.


Growth & Innovation

We’re so proud of technology. It has provided us the tools we need to make you simply beautiful. We’re constantly growing, and we’d love if you tagged along.


Honest Results

We stand by our integrity. When we say that we provide effective solutions to all skin concerns, we really mean it.



We love what we do. We feel inspired when we create solutions for clients dealing with their skin crisis. We love the success stories, as it fuels our ambition to strive and do better. We’re 100% sure about this!


Peace of Mind

With experience over 10 years, we have success stories from countless clients suffering from different skin concerns. Be rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of when you visit us.



There’s no age limit to learning. We seek to continuously improving ourselves, and to apply our best knowledge to help our guests with their personal transformation.