Are there any precautions before starting the Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment?

It is recommended to undergo a deep hydration treatment in the week leading up to the Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment. On the day before, you can apply the SOS Calming Hydrogel Masque. Enhancing moisture before proceeding with the Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment can result in brighter, more radiant, and finer skin.

Is it necessary for the skin to peel for the treatment to be effective?

Peeling is not mandatory. The peeling occurs due to excess aging of dead cells in the stratum corneum. When new collagen pushes it up, it sheds. If the skin is healthy and lacks excess dead cells, it may not peel. However, collagen regeneration still occurs, providing its beneficial effects.

Why does peeling happen?

The Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment uses Hydrolyzed Needle Algae, combined with professional massaging techniques, to massage the epidermis. Hydrolyzed Needle Algae is left in the skin cell layer for 2-3 days, continuously stimulating the collagen in the dermis. When the collagen reaches a certain quantity, it starts to push upward, leading to the peeling of excess dead skin.

Can individuals with sensitive or dry skin undergo the Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment?

It is advisable to first undergo a deep hydration treatment to improve dryness and sensitivity before proceeding with this treatment. The Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment from DERMIQUE does not aggressively induce peeling. The extent of peeling depends on individual circumstances and skin thickness. Therefore, even sensitive or dry skin types can undergo this treatment.

Why does the skin feel stinging, pain, heat, and redness 2-3 days after care? Is it an allergy?

The use of  Hydrolyzed Needle Algae and professional massage techniques on the epidermis stimulates collagen production in the dermis, accelerates blood circulation, and promotes metabolism. Therefore, mild stinging, pain, and warmth are normal reactions. Regular application of DERMIQUE SOS Calming Masque for 3 days can help restore normalcy, and these reactions are not indicative of an allergy.

If there is no pain or redness after the treatment, does it mean it's not effective?

The post-treatment sensations vary from person to person due to differences in pain perception. Even if there is no redness, the effectiveness of the treatment is not compromised. The treatment enhances blood circulation and metabolism, and the absence of pain or redness does not diminish its effects.

Does the skin become dull after returning home from the treatment?

Before undergoing the treatment, hydration is provided, ensuring that the immediate effects are impressive. Within 3-5 days after the treatment, collagen production begins. Continuous use of DERMIQUE’s repair regimen, including mask application and hydration, is recommended. A deep hydration and repair treatment after a week is also advised to satisfy the thirst of growing collagen, achieving the desired results.

Is the at-home recovery troublesome after the Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment?

The home repair process for the Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment is straightforward. For the first 5 days, wash your face with calcium ion water and use Bio Clearing for sterilization. Tap water contains many bacteria, and during the Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment, there might be micro-wounds. The concern is that bacteria entering these wounds could cause inflammation, leading to the development of pimples or folliculitis. It’s essential to isolate water sources to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. The activated treatment is precious, and the risk of inflammation due to negligence is not worth it. The SOS Calming Masque helps quickly repair wounds, reducing the recovery time.

How often should the Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment be performed, and how many sessions are recommended for the best results?

For sensitive skin, it is recommended to undergo the treatment once a month. For dull and rough skin, it can be done every 2-3 weeks. If dealing with acne-prone or pigmented skin, a cycle of three consecutive treatments is recommended for optimal results.

My skin has issues with fine lines, sagging, and pigmentation. Can these be addressed simultaneously?

All DERMIQUE treatments are custom-tailored based on the client’s skin condition and must be done in stages. The Fast Act Algae Clear Treatment can provide a quick solution for surface pigmentation and wrinkles. It is crucial to supplement with hydration for the best results. The treatment involves personalized combinations for different skin types. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment, and each treatment is designed to deliver specific and effective results, emphasizing the enhancement of individual aspects.