Precautions before undergoing Graphene Diamond White Treatment:

It is recommended to undergo a deep hydration treatment in the week leading up to the Graphene Diamond White Treatment. On the day before, you can apply the SOS Calming Hydrogel Masque for added hydration. Strengthening the skin’s moisture content before the Graphene Diamond White Treatment can result in whiter, brighter, and finer skin.

Is peeling necessary for the treatment to be effective?

Peeling is not mandatory. The peeling occurs when there is an excess of aged skin cells, and as collagen is regenerated, it pushes the old cell to peel off. If the skin is healthy and does not have excess dead cells, there may be no peeling. However, the new skin generated still has the desired effect of collagen regeneration.

Why does peeling occur?

The Graphene Diamond White Treatment uses Hydrolyzed Needle Algae, combined with professional massaging techniques, to massage the epidermis. Hydrolyzed Needle Algae is left in the skin cell layer for 2-3 days, continuously stimulating the collagen in the dermis. When the collagen reaches a certain quantity, it starts to push upward, leading to the peeling of excess dead skin.

Can individuals with sensitive or dry skin undergo the Graphene Diamond White Treatment?

It is advisable to first undergo a deep hydration treatment to improve dryness and sensitivity before proceeding with this treatment. DERMIQUE’s Graphene Diamond White Treatment does not forcefully induce peeling. The occurrence of peeling depends on individual skin conditions and thickness. However, the treatment aims to create healthy and well-arranged new skin, making it suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Why does the skin feel stinging, pain, heat, and redness 2-3 days after the treatment? Is it an allergy?

The treatment involves using Hydrolyzed Needle Algae and professional massaging techniques to massage the epidermis, allowing  Hydrolyzed Needle Algae to stay within the keratin layer for 1-2 days. This constant stimulation leads to a significant increase in collagen in the dermis and accelerated blood circulation. As a result, sensations of slight stinging, pain, and heat are normal. Applying DERMIQUE SOS Calming Masque diligently for 3 days will help restore the skin to normal.

Is the treatment less effective if there is no pain or redness after completion?

The feeling of pain or redness varies from person to person due to differences in sensory nerves. The absence of these sensations does not impact the effectiveness of the treatment. The treatment enhances blood circulation and metabolism, and the lack of redness does not diminish the desired effects.

Does the skin darken after the treatment?

Before undergoing the treatment, the deep hydration treatment will be given before proceeding with activation of Hydrolyzed Needle Algae. Therefore, the results presented at the moment are undoubtedly radiant. 3-5 days after the treatment, the skin starts to generate collagen, requiring continuous hydration and adherence to DERMIQUE’s repair process. It is recommended to complement the treatment with a deep hydration repair treatment after one week to ensure the skin receives sufficient moisture to achieve the desired results.

Is the at-home recovery troublesome after the Graphene Diamond White Treatment?

The at-home recovery for the Graphene Diamond White Treatment is simple. For the first 5 days, wash the face with calcium ion water and use Bio Clearing for sterilization. It is crucial to avoid water sources with bacteria as the treatment involves micro-injuries, and exposure to bacteria can cause inflammation. Applying SOS Calming Masque helps repair wounds quickly, shortening the recovery time.

How often should the Graphene Diamond White Treatment be done, and how many sessions yield optimal results?

For sensitive skin, it is recommended to undergo the treatment once a month, while individuals with dull skin or rough texture can undergo the treatment every 2-3 weeks. For those with acne-prone or pigmented skin, a cycle of three consecutive treatments is recommended.

My skin has fine lines, sagging, and pigmentation issues. Can they be treated simultaneously?

All DERMIQUE treatments are customized based on individual skin conditions and must be performed in stages. The Graphene Diamond White Treatment can effectively address surface pigmentation and wrinkles. Proper hydration is essential for optimal results. The treatment is adjusted according to different skin types during the process, and there is no “all-in-one” treatment. Each treatment focuses on presenting a specific and effective result, emphasizing a single effect.