New Formula Creamy Cleansing Milk with new sensory richness. The blend of natural Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Wheat Germ Oil effectively removes while preserving skin’s balance. Poloxamamer184 able to dissolve long-wearing and waterproof make up. In parallel, it frees skin of impurities and pollutants. Enriched with Rose Water Extract restores skin hydration while remove make up. Upon contact with water, it transforms into a silky milk that rinses away effortlessly. It leaves skin pure, radiant and perfectly makeup-free. Particularly on Asian skin and non-comedogenic.


How to use:
Dispense 4 to 5 pumps of Creamy Cleansing Milk into your palm. Gently massage over your face with circular movements. Continue on lips and then eyelids and lashes, making small circles. Rinse thoroughly with water and follow by deep cleansing.


All Skin types except acne skin.