GHK-CU Revitalizing Serum

The GHK-CU Revitalizing Serum allows the skin to absorb nutrients instantly with powerful moisturizing properties that enhances skin water retention. It also contains an anti-wrinkle peptide complex formula which repairs and revitalizes skin.


How to Use:
After applying Toner, apply an appropriate amount evenly onto the face and neck, and massage until absorbed.


Suitable for all skin types, especially for post-surgery skin.

  • The Benefits of GHK Copper Peptide with Skin Aging Clinical studies have shown that a complex formation of copper with a GHK tripeptide does stimulate and promote collagen synthesis. When compared to tretinoin, (acidic vitamin A) Vitamin C, and melatonin, copper peptide increased the production of collagen significantly more than those three ingredients alone.
  • The Benefits of GHK Copper to Reduce Scarring GHK copper peptide will reduce pro-inflammatory interleukins thereby reduce scarring. Preventing this inflammatory response will allow the regenerative repair processes to restore normal tissue structures.
  • Summary Copper in Skin Care The delivery system of copper is important for copper to be able to provide the essential functions relative to tissue repair, and have anti- aging benefits. GHK copper peptide uses the body’s natural protective carrier for copper. The manner of copper binding is important, and is dependent on the complex GHK tripeptide for proper delivery of copper to the cells, and into the skin.